My daughter sing a little bit of « In My Remains » ^^

I just want to share with you this little video [biggrin] A Little 4 years old fan of LP

Alys-Ann sing

That’s great! Nice vid.

She is cute and then it is “Like an army falling one by one” [smile]

Thanks guys :smiley:

\o/ So beautiful

oooh and my daughter is a French speaker… she don’t know yet how to pronounce words in english !

Oh, soooo cute! :slight_smile:

She is beautiful! [biggrin]

Thats about when my daughter started signing the words to Hybrid Theory. And is a hardcore LP fan today at 12yrs old. We start it, they continue it, so cute, great job.

way to go girl

definitely will be teaching my kids this too
you can never be too young or too old to be taught how to go hardcore linkin park style

thank you guys!
Yess I hope she will become a great fan of LP too ^^

Awwwwwww, so cute :heart:

so cute ----

too cute! my little girl loves singing “Burn It Down” every time it plays when my phone rings :slight_smile: and she asked me a million questions about Linkin Park when we came home from the concert in Alpharetta lol

Awesome. When my kid was that young she used to sing “No More Sorrow.” Brings back memories.

Aww so cute!! Thanks for sharing and bringing a smile to face!

thank you :D!!!

So cute! Hahas! Thanks for sharing!