My Artwork

Here are a few of my pieces that I’ve done in the past year. I’ll keep adding pieces as I do them (which usually takes a month or so, depends if I’m motivated lol.) Enjoy!

Money, Money, Money


I plan to redo this one in the future. I pretty much did it backwards making it look weird, but I love the concept of it.

Jace The Mind Sculptor

Just finished this one last week

Me and Hatsune Miku

Manga me

I drew this when I was bored. I’m actually surprised how well it turned out.


I had this idea for a while, but never got around to do it. Finally got the time. Glad I did it too. I think turned out well. I used various images from LP and the web.

Realistic Fiction

A collaboration I did with a friend. All of it my idea.

Very very good. The coloring as well as the perfect detail are both spot on :). If you can do that when you bored then holy cow :O.

ToddTheAwesome its really nice good job :slight_smile:

F***ing awesome!!! [mrgreen]

That’s amazing!!!

My deviantart page: Skyolker

[quote=aravind221]ToddTheAwesome its really nice good job :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone! I appreciate all your praise. Gives me the drive to keep going!

Back from 2008 :slight_smile:

I love your art! wow :slight_smile: :slight_smile: you are talented!

Thanks! More works are on the way.

WOW you’re actually really talented [cool] i like the first one!

New artwork has been added!

Great! some of the best pictures I have ever seen! well done =)

Thanks a lot!

Heh, neat. Just a small critic but it feels like you more or less just copy styles from others it sorta looks like… I’d like to see some of your work that’s straight from your own head, just doing what you want to do. :slight_smile: The rest of the examples sorta make me feel ‘Jace the Mind Sculptor’ comes from a different place. Did you do that one without a reference? It’s just so different from the rest, it makes it feel that way. I’m not trying to say anything mean, promise, I’m just curious! I mean, if you can do a variety of styles, that’s cool too, hehe.

Thanks, I appreciate someone seriously critiquing my work. The only “non-original” work here is Jace the Mind Sculptor. It was originally a piece of digital art by a professional artist who deigned it for a card for the card game “Magic the Gathering”. The rest of the art came from my head.

Although how you worded it, confuses me quite a bit. When you think about it, is anything “original” anymore? The answer is an unfortunate no. Have people painted skulls before? Yes. Have people used spraypaint in their artwork? Of course. When you think about it, everything has been done. It’s up to the artist to make it original by putting different things that have been done before together in a unique way. And I feel like I accomplished this.

I know I definitely have a LOT to learn in art. I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning. So I don’t want to come off as someone who thinks they “know it all”, because I know I sure as heck don’t.

I don’t want to be pinned down to one “style” either. To me that’s boring. Who wants to stick with just one style? Art is ever-expanding and there are countless styles. So I too want to keep expanding and not stay in just one spot.

Thanks again for critiquing my work!

i like the mage blue guy :3

eww kissies D;

Love your work, Todd! But, you knew that.

awesome work!