Must SEE/HAVE Linkin Park Nendoroid!

Check out the link (courtesy of Crunchy Roll), a Japanese company called Good Smile Company is releasing a full set of Super Deformed (SD) figures of LP (including a DJ set for Joe and a LP stage)…as a heterosexual male, even I think these are super cute! Retail price is roughly $50 (4000 yen). Coming out September

Sugoi!! Totemo kawaii!! Kaitai, kaitai, kaitai!! (^0^) (Great!! Very cute!! I want to buy, I want to buy, I want to buy) Damn, why couldn’t it have come out during summer, my friend is going to Japan then, she could have gotten it for me…oh well I’ll just have to wait.

forget that, I want that Gundam mech! that looks so cool. Maybe I’ll import one when I have some spare dough :slight_smile:


I´m in love!!!

I wanna buy them right now!!!

Good, that I own the Gundam already!!! hahaha!!!

the Gundam is right next to me, from my PC. I want them, too.
The only wierd thing is Good Smile Company taken it from their side oO? why?

I Want it :smiley: they are soooo cuuute _________

Wootwoot! So awesome!

So cute !! -

I already pre-ordered mine. :'D

Already pre-ordered, got the shelf ready for them HAHA

Why were they taken down from the website?! D: