MS Art

Is this a legit peice of Mike Shonodas Art? i’ve never seen this before!

i was just browsing on flickr and found this

Looks like it!!! I wanna say around the time Fort Minor came out there he did a string of art exhibits. I’ve never been to them but from what I’ve seen in articles and the like, they were pretty bad-ass!!

Yes that’s right, but this is the 1st time that this picture has arose, if its defiantly legit then its quality, I just hope someone isn’t passing there work of as mikes.

Looks like legit, but weird it’s looking very weak comparing to other stuff.

i dont know if its the picture but it looks like it could be 3d… the first one. it hurts my eyes D;

Dude, I saw it somewhere, but I don’t know where.
I’m not sure, but it’s a Hahn/Shinoda painting