Mountain View M&G

Just got the email! Woohoo?

One question (for now)…what’s the point of the LPU11 laminate if we don’t need it for the M&G? Is it because we need to provide ID anyway?

I just got the message as well!!
Well,I’m not sure but,maybe isn’t not so important for meet and greet.
The most important thing is,we must printout the invitation that we’ve got.

oh no! no email for me yet. i was afraid this would happen :frowning:

LPU11 laminate you got is for early entry and they’ll give you a different one that is for M&G only

is everyone on the meet and greet notified already

Okay, good to know :wink:

OK second question. The email said no individual pictures will be allowed. I assume that means getting a photo with a band member, which eats up a lot of time, and not random happy-snaps as they go about signing and chatting?

The laminate gets early entry at shows, now festivals though

I got my email for meet and greet yesterday too!!! CANNOT WAIT! I’LL be seeing you guys there :smiley: idk what to have them sign though :frowning: