MotherFunkers reselling tickets

This blog goes out to all the S.O.Bs who are reselling tickets at ridiculous/rude/ombeskofte prices. R8000 for 4 Golden Circle tickets! WTF!!!? Are you on tik? You are a of a person. Up you all! I don’t think yol realise how absolutely k*k sad it is look at those prices and see you cannot afford it. R1000 a pop would have been decent. Why be rude about it? To all of you, lots of bad luck will follow you as there are scores of people cursing you and condemning you for being arseholes. What makes it worse is that most of you don’t even know or appreciate the performing artists. May your arses be infected!

I am smoorkwaad (highly upset) even though I got my tickets
To those who didn’t, my deepest sympathies (hugs)

Welcome to the real world and the internet. There is nothing you can do about greedy people who are looking to make money. They could careless about this post and what you call them.

Wait a sec… these shows were announced like 3 days ago and the tickets went on sale at the roughly same time… and they’re already sold out? Wow.

Looks like they added more GC tickets for Joburg.

So they not sold out yet!

back on sale tomorrow at 8am.

All gc tickets are sold out

Amen to that… I hope they don’t get anyone interested in buying those tickets and instead of making an insane amount of profit, they actually loose money.

You’re damn right!
It was like this: muse tickets are on sale … aaaaaandd they’re gone!
Just like that!
And then suddenly they’re on ebay for double of the original price.
This is just a friggin’ rip-off!

I was willing to pay whatever it takes to see LP live, even if I had to borrow money, but I am not willing to pay R2000 for a GC ticket if its not from a legitimate source. Luckily I have my tickets.

I see there are people on gumtree re-selling tickets too. shame. Someone’s going to buy it and be very dissapointed when they gated at the entrance.

Sadly this kind of problem {of reselling ticket for profit} can be found all over the world…

Hey there… Im selling GC tickets if anyone is interested… Make me an offer… nothing under R3500…
Lol. Just kidding… This is really depressing… A true fan will never do that… Its about the love for Linkin Park and we need to spread love… not sell it…Everyone should have the same chance to see them cuz I mean…its a once in a lifetime opprtunity. Linkin Park coming to Cape Town still cant beleive it OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!