Monster Mash Music Festival in Tempe, Arizona 11/01/15 - THANK YOU LINKIN PARK, Underground & Production Crew!

Hi all,

Linkin Park did another incredible Halloween show at Monster Mash Music Festival in Tempe Arizona. After seeing them in incredible zombie makeup, I can see why the original meet & greet was cancelled. It was awesome to see them perform as the Walking Dead. I thought it was definitely a unique and different show. Brilliant idea guys!

The LPU experience was more than what I expected. Two sessions were conducted for the LPU experiences. The afternoon session consisted of touring the backstage trailers and meeting the phenomenal LP Back stage crew. We got an opportunity see what behind the scenes and on how the backstage production crew operates. It was really insightful and amazing. They are very passionate at what they do and you can tell by how they shared what their responsibilities were and past experiences.
The evening session was even more unbelievable, because LPU members were able to go back/ side stage to watch the Linkin Park LIVE. We were able to watch the action from the side stage for the first four songs (Papercut, Given Up, Rebellion, Points of Authority) Never in my wildest dreams would I have believed I was watching one of my favorite bands in the planet so up close and personal. The whole experience truly made me feel like a VIP. The hashtag #WEARELPU is truly what it states. LPU members are valued and appreciated by the band.

Thank you LINKIN PARK and the LP Underground.

Honorable Shout outs -
Lorenzo & Lulu (LP HQ)

  • [ ] Thank you for all your hard work and dedication for LINKIN PARK Fans. I appreciated the email updates and communications you provided. It shows your stellar and superb attention in providing a memorable fan experience. You guys rock!

Missy/ Melissa (Production Coordinator - pictured), JOE (Production Assistant - pictured), Gray Rollin (Chef Extraordinaire from BELLY -Santa Rosa Restaurant), & the Ambiance guy (Pardon - forgot his name? Ha!)

  • [ ] Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to show us the behind scenes at each a Linkin Park show. I really enjoyed the tour, especially hearing your amazing stories/experiences. It was definitely awe-inspiring. Linkin Park is fortunate to have such A+ team. Keep up the great work and good luck in your future endeavors.

Always grateful,



great words found for a big experience, thanks for sharing, I got the tour here in Europe, ans it´s what you say #WEARELPU the whole bunch of ppl are so professional AND nice, that it´s a really big energy wave, than the concert, oh god, I still feel the spirit…

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