Mohegan sun ct," all lpuers attending"

The countdown begins bring on the sun… Any lpuers attending the concert in Connecticut join this forum!!

yea, I’m going! Just a few more days, although my friend who’s joining me doesn’t have a laminate/lanyard so not sure what I’m going to do about that. does anyone know if u are assigned a place to stand? …because my tickets says what section/row/seat u go 2

Can’t wait for the Mohegan Show!!! : )) Enjoy it everyone.

i am too!

also, if you get M&G (confirmations just came out today), check the mohegan sun thread in LPU events. we’ve got a very special surprise planned for mike…:slight_smile:

I’m going! and got M&G!! woohoo thanks LPU!! I wouldn’t mind trading my GA tix if anyone wants to swap for seats send me message. THANKS.

im going to the show and m&g

i cant go and i had to send a deny conformation after i was chosen to go to the m&g. So mad i cant go. :frowning: :frowning: :(x11111111111111111111

oh man that suuuuuuucks! i’m sorry that happened to you. :frowning:

I’m going to be at Mohegan too, so excited! It’s so nice of the guys to decide to come back to the shows they cancelled on several years ago, and it makes me wonder if they HAD come the previous time, would they still have come to CT still for this year’s tour?

I wanted to go a couple years ago and now I finally can, sadly no m&g but I got GA tix

should be fun meeting you and cpw60 tomorrow @ the m&g!

I shall see everyone there! Got M&G and Pit tickets. I’ll be wearing a Keep Calm Chive On shirt. See everyone there!!

I’m Going! This is gonna be awesome! Hope everyone enjoys the show as well! :slight_smile:
Gonna be Section 23, M, 13-14.

here waiting!

counting down the hours at this point! Was thinking about staying down there tonight - cheapest room at the casion is $500! I know there are less expensive rooms in the area- but I’ve decided I should be home in the morning so I can work…

I’ll be there with my family!!! Didn’t get M/g but my wife wife has one because they cancelled last time!!! Oh well it’s gonna be a great show!!!


I’m going and i got a M&G too…looking forward to seeing you guys there!!!

So ridiculously excited! didn’t get M&G [cry][cry][cry][cry] Will be great anyway!

have you gotten the location email yet? i haven’t…

i’ll be there! no M&G though :frowning: womp womp