Mohegan Sun 8/12/12

Only 5 more days until this concert! I’m very excited for this concert but at the same time a little concerned. My friend who is coming with me doesn’t own an LPU11 laminate/lanyard so I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m wondering if I should leave him while I go in before him or if I should just wait with him even though I don’t have to or give him my laminate and let him go in first(I wouldn’t do that though). Has anyone been to a Mohegan Sun Concert before? I was wondering u are assigned a place to stand because there is a section/row/seat # on my tickets. Anyone know?

I’ve been to a lot of shows at Mohegan and they pretty much handle it differently every time. I hope there’s an actual PIT area, from what I’ve read it sounds like we will have that…

Thanks for the info! Does anyone else have any experiences with Mohegan Sun Arena before?

she’s right…the arena changes its policy all the time…i have the same question…im calling box office tomorrow…i regularly attend concerts there…there was no pit for TOOL…so not so sure…im third row according to my tickets with my son…i much rather have seats…but thats because I’m a dad now…ill be in mansfield in the pit…two days later

Ticketmaster has a statement on the Mohegan show that the Floor with be standing room gen admission only with no seats. hth.