Mission Impossible

Oh wow, well time to release the kracken troll then, one more victim to take haha

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You must help someone find an item they lost

-You can only use single words at once to ask them what it is
-The person can’t help you look
-You must wear a blindfold while searching

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I would ask ‘what’, point at my eye and hold up 4 fingers (This has turned into charades :joy: )
I would then ask someone else to look for the object (might be a bit of cheating)

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I’d just write it down. :stuck_out_tongue: And I’d punch holes in the blindfold.

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Intelligent, I quote this

How do we know when we have to put another mission?

Wow, I forgot I even made this thread. Well, the person who gave the mission is supposed to pick a winner.

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@chigokurosaki we need you here

@chigokurosaki? Are you on Earth?


Oh, lol, I guess that @the_termin8r would have been the winner 6 months ago. :joy:

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Mission: Write a 5 page essay using only a carrot.

I use the carrot to type on the computer keyboard the letters

I said using only the carrot, not the carrot to use something else.

You break my dreams!
Then I put the carrot in the ink like a pen

Alright, I’ll give you that.

Someone else will have a better solution anyway :joy:

Nobody seems to want to play this game. lol

Then they’ll have to :smiling_imp:
@Honey8 (when you are free)

Sorry if I forget someone, the @ is not helping me today :sweat:

Let’s bring this thread to life


not sure how

One person sets a goal and the other gives the limitation?

Don’t feel like scrolling through the whole thread for clues

Why Did I get tagged here

I’m here! :crazy_face: since you won, you have to think of a mission, right? :grin: