Minutes To The Fans


Hi everyone, i wanted to share my project with you. For 1 year now, i created a podcast made by and for the LP fans, french or french-speaking fans ^^ It is called Minutes To The Fans.

Each month, during a little more than an hour, we talk about a main subject (the last one is Meteora as it turned 15 years old), and to conclude the show, we talk about a “less-known” LP song. All of this is available on the youtube channel, and we have a facebook page as well.

Minutes To The Fans 8 :

Thank you. Hope some fans will be interested here. :slight_smile:



Hi LP fans, here’s our new podcasts for the french-speaking community. Who says fan says fan-club. 17 years of LPU summed up in 2 hours, enjoy !

Minutes To The Fans 10 - LPU :

And last month, to celebrate our 1st anniversary, we made a show with 50 questions about LP. Good luck !

Minutes To The Fans 9 :

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Hi LP french-speaking fans ! In order to make Chester proud, our last podcast gathered the best memories and witnesses from many fans, talking about Chester in a positive way !

Minutes To The Fans 11 - Chester Bennington


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Any chance to get it translated to English?


Hi Benjamin. First of all, thank you for your interest.
I asked some friends if they were motivated to translate it, but i don’t know if they will, it is a mass of work.
I activated the auto subtitles, so now you can choose the english translation, but it is highly approximative.

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Hi !
I didn’t have time to listen to this one yet but will try to make it in the coming days! (It’s a very nice podcast ! Thanks for doing this !)
In case you need i can give a hand for translation :blush:


Thank you sforreal for listenning to us. You have listenned all our previous ones? Where are you from?
For the translation, I asked on fb, a few people told me they could, but i don’t know if they actually do.


I think I did listen to all of them at least most of them for sure!
I am from Grenoble (I recently came back to France, I was abroad for several years)
ok! Keep me posted in case!


Hi LP french-speaking fans ! Here are our 2 last shows. The 1st one is about a local tribute band, and the 2nd one talks about Mike Shinoda’s live in Paris. Enjoy ! :slight_smile:

Minutes To The Fans 12 - Meteora Tribute to Linkin Park

Minutes To The Fans 13 - Mike Shinoda à Rock-en-Seine



Here is our new show for the french-speaking fans that live all around the world. This month, we celebrate 5 years of Recharged ! Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone, i’m so late for posting the last shows, sorry. Please enjoy ! :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone. Again, i’m so late for posting our last shows. Please enjoy !
Minutes To The Fans #18 - Featuring Chester Bennington

Minutes To The Fans #19 - Post Traumatic Tour

Minutes To The Fans #20 - Happy Birthday (best-of video of the PTT in Europe)