Mike's "Post Traumatic", Album Out Now!

Oh come on! There is always hope for Linkin Park. No, it’s not going to be the same without Chester, we all accept that. But I think they could take a new direction and try a different sound all together. The entire concept of Linkin Park is a “Hybrid Theory” = composed of different elements. They are unique and that in itself it a reason to continue.

Chester was and always will be a unique singer and being. He made you feel his pain and drew you into Linkin Park. Now that we’re in, we will always be. If you grew up with the music it’s different. It links to certain life struggles we have faced. It is more than music, it reflects experiences.

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To me, the last LP album wasn’t their best by any stretch of the imagination. I think in the industry these types of albums are known as “filler albums” more for the fans/to maintain a presence. It wasn’t their best. So it should not be their last. I like the idea of still using some of Chester’s vocals from unused tracks. I’m sure they have his blessing to do so. There is another album in LP. I promise you all.

When the world wanted us to cry,
You made us smile.
When the world wanted us to die,
You kept us alive.
Your songs will echo in our hearts and minds,
Forevermore your light will shine.


I can’t confirm or deny if it’s true, but they’ve said in the past that profits made from the LPU go right back into more LPU related stuff


In the past, perhaps. What are LPU subscriptions funding now? A broken site and more lazy merch.

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I finally ordered the album/book version last weekend online. About how long does it take to ship (live in the States)?
Thx. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Check this podcast out, it’s new and so funny!


So that was it? He was teasing the podcast? Or am I missing something :joy:

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Oh I don’t know, I just thought the podcast was hilarious

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I moved discussion about “fine” to a new topic, since I doubt that this is Post Traumatic related anymore
It better not be at least, I don’t need another version of this album


Does somebody has a theory to what the song means? Is mike singing the “everything is gonna be fine” to himself? Or who does this say?

It was for a movie
Check the other thread :blush:


Aah okay thanks!

New interview