Mike's "Post Traumatic", Album Out Now!

I keep listening to them…the more I listen the more I love them… :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

@evooba the article was really a good read… :cry: :heart: :heart:

EDIT: I voted in the poll, but I like all the tracks…the words are so beautiful… :cry: :heart: :heart:

I’m trying to catch up with all the interviews he did yesterday. Already watched the one from KROQ, about to continue with this one:


Did he say anything new? I watched the kroq interview so I don’t wanna sit through another hour lol

All interviews are pretty much the same regardless of who’s being interviewed. There’s only so many new things you can say about whatever you’re doing now before you start repeating yourself.

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Pre - ordered the CD copy! Now, I can’t wait to play it altogether!!!

Talked a lot about the fans, said Brad and Dave helped a bit on a couple of songs in the sense of how long/short tracks should be and structure wise. He also mentioned there are some collars in the album he’s going to reveal later…



Collabs I’m assuming :slight_smile:


Ooopsie, yeap, collabs.

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For those of you that missed the Instagram live, someone recorded it on here:

EDIT: it’s only part of the video


@chriswaleslpu and @Lilyope I posted it above

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Thank You!! :smiley:

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Was it only 10min? Didn’t he stay longer?

He did, I didn’t realize that…I wonder if there is a part two on it

Ah, yeah someone will probably upload it soon.

Cool yeah just seen it all (first 10 mins), hopefully there will be an upload for it :smiley:

I have now listened to each song around 100 times and I still love them as much as the 1st time!

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Thanks for summarizing. Cool how Brad and Dave helped him on the album, maybe they’ll even be credited. Curious about the other collabs…

Missed this, thanks for posting :slight_smile:


Never gets old :smiley:

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M’s album isn’t fort minor. And he never said it was dragonface.