Mike Shinoda Vienna


So I will see Mike in Vienna and hope to meet some of you guys there!!!


I’m still trying to persuade my parents to let me go to the show… I really want to go there so hopefully I will :heart_eyes:


I am going to the concert and I am so excited about it :heart_eyes:


I’ll be there - maybe I will meet some of you :slight_smile:


Would be nice if we could meet up


Yea I agree. Would be totally down to hang out with you guys! :sunglasses:

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We should set up some spot where we meet up if we wanna hang out :ok_hand:


Yeah definetely


Hi guys, does anyone know whether there will be a an official, LPU-organized Meet and Greet before the concert in Vienna?


good question…

i want to create a whatsapp group with everyone who will be there. feel free to message me

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Yea that seems like a good idea, sent you a message :sunglasses: :ok_hand:


did you already sent one? becajse i have nothing


Yes I did, its an austrian number right? Oh ur german, no wonder it didnt work😅

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Good idea, I sent your a message, too :relaxed:


I will participate too… will be the third day of school for my little son… but i couldn‘t skip that oportunity…


Do you think he will be with fans after show?


Hi everyone! I will come to Vienna at Sep 7 and will be glad to meet with you. I will be on the concert too)

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No, but would be awesome


Has anyone heard back from the m&g contest?


I also will be there with my girlfriend and an other friend of us! :blush:

M&G emails will be 2 days before the show so I think tomorrow evening…