Mike Shinoda The Raid


I´m very proud of Mike for making this song…

I really like the song. What do you think about it?

I love this song! Hope this movie get’s really popular along with the song and i can be all hipster and say: I knew the song before it got famous!=)

The song is absolutly amazing!!!

SO good. Can’t wait to buy it whenever it’s released :smiley:

The song is Amazing! -

Mike is really awesome :smiley:

Very good!!! Can’t wait to see this movie! Hope the other songs will be as good as this one.

WOW! I like that song! :slight_smile: Also, I can’t wait to see the movie, “The Raid.”

The songs is awesome. Can’t wait to get the soundtrack in a few days :smiley:
But, credits goes to Joe Trapanese as well. Mike didn’t score this alone :wink:

Yeah i love this song too, good work as usual!

I think in the beginning it sounds like Korn… :smiley:

Sounds very intricate and dark. I love it :slight_smile:

I like it alot! it’s amazing!

wow this is a lot different than LP music i think so
but this sounds awesome

its on repeat
danm this is good

well done mike
well done

A score is always important, to bring emotions to film scenes. So, I’am curious, how Mike brought that effect into his music.
I listened to the 5 tracks today and I wanna tell you, what emotions / imaginations they caused. I don’t know exactly, what is the film about, except that it’s an eastern action movie.

So that are my pure feelings about the tracks:

RAZORS OUT - Someone is standing on the roof of a house and feel very depressed and lonely.
DRUG LAB - Someone is trying to reach an object, maybe a room in a building, very determinedly and quickly, to achieve a mission.
TRAPPED - Two enemies standing face to face before fighting. Or preciser: They circling around.
SUICIDE MUSIC - A killer is moving with determination to his victim.
DOG FIGHT - Someone flees through the streets of a city at night.

What about your imaginations?

i been listening to this song all day long

did you know i love you and your talentness
you are perfect

I really like the song. and I’m looking forward to get the OST on CD :slight_smile:
(just made my pre-order and downloaded this song.)


This song is amazing! Really really love it

the whole OST is amazing. thanks MIKE!

This is really splendid! I love “Suicide Music”

Basicly i like this song but what do you think about that version without vocals? it is in my opion a littlebit better. remindes me of session or the requiem… :slight_smile: