Mike Shinoda on Kerrang!

Mike Shinoda is this week’s cover star for Kerrang! Magazine in the United Kingdom :uk:

In the issue he talks about his new music, Chester, and Linkin Park. It also features an exclusive art print he has done for Kerrang!

This is the first real media promo that he has done following Chester passing away so this will be very special. The only other two ‘media’ appearances have been an interview with Ted Stryker on KROQ about the Celebrate Life event, and featuring on Phoenix’s Member Guest podcast.

You can order and ship to anywhere in the world from this link here: http://www.newsstand.co.uk/195-Rock-Music-Magazines/1461-Subscribe-to-KERRANG-Magazine-Subscription.aspx?PubID=152



When it says the only interview, I’m worried. :cry::cry:

Mike has said on social media, and on the Member Guest podcast, that he would rather talk to his fans directly through social media than through interviews so that he doesn’t want to do any interviews.

He has obviously chosen to make an exception for this Kerrang! interview. It’s not bad news, if anything it’s good news that we get new photos and a new interview. It’s certainly not his “last interview” or anything.


Nice cover thanks for sharing

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The full interview & photo shoot is available now over at LPAssociation: https://www.lpassociation.com/forum/threads/mike-shinoda-featured-in-kerrang-magazine-interview-about-chester-grief-new-music-and-art.44321/


Thanks for sharing! :heart_eyes: :heart:

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You’re most welcome :pray:t3:


This is beautiful! :smiley::heart::v::sunny:

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I just read the interview. I loved every word of it! :heart::heart:

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Cool, that’s interesting, nice that he’s being more direct with the fans through social media rather than just doing interviews :smiley:


We now have two behind the scenes videos from the shoot:


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Agreed! I have ordered my copy and cannot wait to stick the art print on my wall!


Definitely. He remains really active on both Twitter & Instagram, often commenting and replying back to fans with questions, comments, and ideas. Do you follow Mike on either?


No I haven’t got either :smile:, just Facebook

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It could be worth joining just to join in the conversation whenever he hops online. If you haven’t had a look through his feeds these are the links:




Cool, thanks :smiley: