Mike Shinoda Fancut Video. I NEED YOUR HELP!


Hey Linkin Park Family :v: :v: I Need your help Please…

Have you also seen mike live this year?
Did you film something at the show or take pictures?
and if so could you send me these videos and photos?

Because i Would like to cut a little fan video together …

Now you can upload your videos and photos direct in to my Google drive Folder:


I still need more …
It does not matter if the audio of your videos is good or not i can use any video in any way. And photos are great too!

Please share this thank you for your support​! :wink:


I don’t want to sound ride, but please don’t create multiple threads of the same thing.

@jFar920, @derek please guys.

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yes i know but the first time I got the wrong category. Here it would probably be the right place. However, I could not delete the previous version in the category Mike Shinoda … because I have no rights to delete it.

Thank you Anyway


If I remember correctly, only Mods can delete topics. Don’t worry.

By the way, I hope you have success in your project. And welcome to the forum.

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I’m gonna send you my videos, let’s make this together! :metal:

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@Marilau Thank you :wink:

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@Marilau Were you in Milano at the show? I was there too :heart_eyes:

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@tfux Really? So good to know :heart_eyes: It has been amazing, hasn’t it? :heart: What has been your favourite performance?

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