Mike live in Jakarta

has anyone here entered the m&g contest? And did anyone get the announcement email?

not sure how late my reply is, there isnt much activity from that part of the world in here since ive been here besides when theres shows there… umm in general though im sure you mightve read other topics, the m&g contest winners are announced a day or two beforehand… check your spam folders as the emails sometimes end up there… besides that havent heard or seen anyone comment about this round of shows

good luck and happy you popped in here! :smile:

Hey thank you so much for your reply!
Well I hope too much, I guess. Maybe it’s not my lucky day:(

:confused: im sorry :pensive: but…on the pluuus side! hes there! ready to rock! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:
:thinking: idk how mike does it but ive been going to a few shows (other bands or performers) lately and have had luck kinda stalking them :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: head out back after the show if youre free :sweat_smile: theres always a chance youll bump into someone :grimacing: the advice didnt come from me :no_mouth::rofl:

and whichever way, the show itself will be ridiculous enough for it to be all worth the excitement :partying_face:

LOL! Thank youuu for the tips :stuck_out_tongue:
Wish me luck :wink:


kapan ini meet and greet sama Mike nya? :laughing: ga pernah ngeh pernah ada haha