Mike in Padova. -- M&G anyone receive them yet?

Anyone receive their m & g for Padova?


They told it yesterday or the day before :confused:
Welcome btw, I see that this is your first post here c:

Well darn. I was checking my email like crazy hoping. Cant wait for show. Thank you :blush:. Been a member for years just never used the message boards before. No other fan base like this one.


I’m doing the same with Zurich :c nothing seems to happen :c

That’s the right moment to start :muscle:t2: I totally agree with you, soldiers rock!! :black_heart:

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I entered too, but I ve got no emails yet…I guess no M and G this time. I had a gift for Mike, therefore, please the one going: could you give the gift to Mike for me??? Contact me please. I know it’s weird, but I don’t see any other way for having my CD not “lost in the echo”…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: