Mike in Luxembourg Who is going?


That would be a good idea :slight_smile:


Hey! :grin:
I will be in Lux too. I’m coming from Germany


Hi! I will be in Luxembourg too. I come from France. May I join you for the show?


yes, that would be cool🤗


Hi guys, my husband and I are coming from Germany too :slight_smile: are you guys arriving there early?
We will start driving sometime in the morning and have a 4 hour drive :slight_smile:


I’ll be in Amsterdam too and will arrive in Luxembourg the day before the show. Depending on the weather I’ll decide when to go to the venue. Maybe I’ll do some sightseeing first, since I’ve never been to Luxembourg. :slight_smile:


Hi All hope everybody is OK ??? Don’t know exactly yet, but we can tell each other to arrange something , my husband, daughter and me come from Belgium. @nongi I think you’re the only one I already saw here ? All the other LPU friends that we already met are going to other place so we Will not have a chance to see them.

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We have something around 2hours driving to go to Luxembourg, do you already know other People Going there ?

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No, I only know a girl from Twitter but not personally and i dont think we will meet :slight_smile:


Last year in Paris we met People from here, we passed all Day together that was really Nice, after that we met some of them Who were going in Germany. I even realised few days after that I spoke with @Nongi there :joy: ! There isn’t too much People speaking here that they are going I think, I’m sursprised

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My twin sister and I will probably arrive at 2pm. Personal we do not know any, but it would be really nice to meet you all :hugs:


Yes we Will ! We Will enjoy before thé show like that :blush:

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ik ben van belgie en ga alleen naar luxemburg met de wagen.

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From where are you. Do you speak english ? We’re from Belgium

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I am from Leuven

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That’s Nice, two weeks more to wait, time is not passing…

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Where are you from?
I am actually going alone it’s like a 2 Hour dr. something like that


We’re from Liège, going in family, my husband, my daughter and me

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Yeees :heart_eyes:I bought my ticket since the first sales day! I’m Tunisian but I’ll come from France.
I’ve already seen him in Hannover, Paris in this tour and can’t wait for Luxembourg


We live also in Belgium and we are going! :slight_smile: Last show in Milan was crazy!