Mike in Luxembourg Who is going?


Hello all… I’m from Belgium :belgium: and going to see Mike in Luxembourg, Last shows were just amazing… Who else is going ?


Hey guys… I know you’re there… I bought my tickets this morning… Don’t tell me there isn’t anybody else Who did the same… Come on :blush::blush::blush:

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Hey! I will come from germany! Was in Offenbach and Cologne. Will go to Hamburg, too. I am poor now but happy and excited :smile: which shows have you been to?


I’m from Germany too and I go to Luxemburg.:hugs:


Hi, I’m from Germany too and go to Luxembourg:hugs

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Hahahaah i was in Offenbach too and i went in Rockenseine :blush: I’m excited too… We wanted to go to oberhausen too but unfortunately I don’t know If I can have a Day off so, we picked Luxembourg ! so Nice to speak with you all @serenity2209 @lpforeverk @lpforeverl9

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Did you arrive early in Offenbach ? Maybe we saw each other :blush:

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That’s what I thought too. Have to be there for the last show of the tour! :blush:


Hey @Nongi, so you’re going to Luxembourg ? You remember me from Offenbach ? Good evening to you all !


Yes, I remember! :slight_smile:

This is my personal tour plan for next year. :smiley:
March 2 - Berlin, Germany
March 6 - Oberhausen, Germany
March 8 - Hamburg, Germany
March 21 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
March 23 - Luxembourg City, Luxembourg


Wow this is Great @Nongi😊 i would have like to do more dates but with kids/school/work we we could only arrange for one, but one date is better than nothing, some People don’t have a chance to go… Did you already buy all tickets


You are right, one show is definitely better than none. :wink:

Yes I already bought the tickets, I spent my whole Christmas bonus on tickets for the shows and a flight ticket to Amsterdam. <3 xD
I’m blessed to work for Deutsche Bahn, so I don’t have to spend a lot of money on the train tickets to get to the rest of the shows. ^^


Hahaha yeah because train tickets are expensive in Germany… When my husband was working there we were spending too much on train tickets when he was going home for week-end, I am glad I will see you again !

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Hello! I’m from Portugal, and I’m going!
I couldn’t lose another MS show… the feedback was so great, and I really loved the album so i just choose the cheapest plane ticket i could find. :joy:


I’m from Luxembourg and I am going!! If anyone needs a place to stay, let me know :slight_smile:

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Do you have some idea for the flash mobs for Mikes concert?

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Hey everyone!:slight_smile: I will be in Lux, too. I’m going on my own (coming from Germany) and I would love to hang out with you guys. Does anyone fancy a meetup before or after the show?:blush:

Actually, I am looking for a place to stay. Does your offer still stand?:blush:

Also, I second @lpforeverl9: Are there any flash mobs planned? Or does anyone know if there’s a facebook group? Just wondering 'cause I’m not on fb;).

Sorry, a lot of questions:joy: …

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I think there is a Facebook group, but I don’t have Facebook too🤗


What’s a flash mob? :thinking:

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Yay, I’m not the only one :hugs: