Mike in Ludwigsburg

Who’s going to Ludwigsburg??

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I do with my dad :grin: I can’t wait to see him

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Have you tried for the M&G?

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Yes I did and I am so stressed about it ahah I hope to be selected and you ?

The same here :grin:

Let’s cross the finger :crossed_fingers:

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OMG I got selected! :star_struck:
Got my mail at 1:52am! Can’t believe it! Now I just need a ticket. haha :see_no_evil::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Im going with my girlfriend, but no M&G for me :sob:

My husband won too!! So happy!!

Happy for those who got selected :v: I didn’t won personally :weary:

Hey guys…Can someone pleeeaasseee point me in the right direction as to where the pics/vids/stories from LPU soldiers posted it from the M&G. I’ve been searching all over the site and I did find a few, just not sure which ones have all the details, pics, vids, how insane it must have been to meet Mike in person…!!!..
OMG…I would have probably lost it…!!
As I’m typing this on my iPhone, I have my IPad on the steering wheel, on YouTube watching LP vids, live shows, etc etc…Just can’t get enough of them…!!
Can’t wait to spend the next 1,000 hrs watching the clips / pics from the M&G…
Soldier on LPU…Peace…

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How could you try for meet and greet?

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Welcome @annaa_1001, for this you need to enter the contest, I suppose you found since yesterday ?

Yes I found it thank you :relaxed:
But for Ludwigsburg I couldn’t find it anymore

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Glad you found :blush:

Do you know if there’s still a chance to do meet and greet in Ludwigsburg?

Do you know if there’s still a Chance to do meet and greet in Ludwigsburg?

I think that if the mails already went out, it’s done

Edit : I Just checked and apparently, now only Tel Aviv is available

Hello, watching videos on the steering wheel ? … Don’t drive watching videos, it’s dangerous… Take care of you, accidents can happen so fast… Don’t put your life at risk… Don’t want to sound like a grandma… But… Just take care please…

OMG Kimims2010 thank you so much for that…!!..I’m being totally serious that I really appreciate ya looking out for a fellow LP Soldier…!!..But I have to tell ya that I’m NOT driving while watching LP on my iPad silly rabbit…!!..lol…
Even I, who probably on a good day, only operates on a handful of :brain: living brain cells, knows better then that…!!..I mean, if I’m driving with the iPad on the steering wheel watching LP vids, then how would I also be able to shave, eat, AND read the newspaper…!!!..Ok, once again, thanks for the concern, much appreciated…
When I sent that, I was at work, sitting in a PARKED car…Have a great day…Peace…R.I.P. CB…

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