Mike in Budapest

Hy Folks!

Today I bought one ticket for the Show on 12 March in Budapest. I was a little bit surpised that this even happened, but I’m glad! :smiley: Sooo I’m asking, who else is coming?


I also bought my ticket today :smiley:


I hope, we are not the only ones. :smiley: But so a private concert would be great too. :smiley:

I bought my ticket too! :slight_smile:

So at least, 3 persons will be there. :smiley:

So sorry guys but it will be not a privát show… (it will be luckiest day ever) but I know from lot of people who bought already the ticket for the show :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: including me :joy:

I hate autocorrect :joy:

Me too :)) Now I’m super curious about the M&G, want to go so bad :smiley:

Somebody already got the email​:sob::sob: That’s my luck, of course.:frowning: Good I have another chance with Prague.

I also didn’t get one… :confused:

Sorry :frowning:
I know it is silly, but I am still hoping till midnight :sweat_smile: