Message to LINKIN PARK

That Carpool karaoke skit was so hard to watch, aside from Chester smiling and saying “I’m having so much fun just six days before his death I just can’t handle the part where Mike is singing on the bus with Ken. It just reminds me of just how very very happy they all were and how badly I miss that. I think that’s really what I miss the most that among other things like seeing there daily updates on Instagram. They always kept us in the loop and now we only have all but one group photo of them. I can’t help but worry about what is to come in the weeks and months after this final concert. As much is I don’t want to see them stop all together and fade off into the distance I can’t bare the thought of them continueing alone. I’ll really miss that conversation we had and the constant news from the band. I think I’ll end with saying to Chester, I miss you and how mutch happyness you had to always keep us excited. Know that we all care for and love you. And to Mike Brad Joe Dave and Rob and aspesialy his wife and kids we all are praying for you and wish you the best of luck in whatever path the future brings. I’ll miss you Chester.

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The thing i miss the most about chester is his smile his voice . I love everything about hem . I truly know that the rest of the guys miss hem as much especially mike . Chester was his brother to hem and they was so close to hem . I love chester and linkin park. Chester had a wonderful personality. He will be deeply missed.


It’s still super hard to think that he’s gone. All I can think about is every opportunity I had to see them and “I was like nah I’ll just go next time.” And now there is no next time.

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It still hurts. It hurts every day when I think about him but I just think of it this way. His body left but his heart and soul is still with us. It isnt the same watching videos and knowing he isn’t around anymore but I will never forget how happy and energetic he was. He will always be alive in my heart. He wouldn’t want us to hurt. He would want us to remember who he was and what he has done for us. He has done so much for all of us :heart: That will never leave :heart: I won’t forget what he has done for me. He will always be there in my mind, heart, and soul. :heart: when I cry over loosing him I remember his smile or watch a clip of him and the guys being goofy. It warms my soul. He never meant to hurt anyone. He never meant to friends, family, and fans. We have to help keep his memory alive and all the good he showed us :heart: I will forever miss him but I will never forget him :heart: