Memorials for Chester - North America


Hello all. I am still in as much shock and as hurt as all of you are. But I had an idea. In light of what’s happened, the NA OML tour will most likely be cancelled. But what if everyone went to the venues on the day of the shows anyway, so we can meet and gather to remember this wonderful human being. I personally had tickets for the NY Blinkin Park show and the Mohegan Sun show. If enough people are interested, maybe we could organize something. Just a thought, since I know I wouldn’t be able to make it to the West Coast to be able to say goodbye to him.

LPU Memorials for different countries



Who is in the DC area and wants to organize some sort of tribute for him? I think we could get DC101 to join.

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NYC fans


Depending on what they do with the tour, I’m sure people can get their local radio stations involved with organizing a memorial at the venues. They could spread the word farther than we can.

Oh, and I’m in CT, so if any other LP fans in CT are interested in organizing something, let me know!

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I’d be down for something like this in Houston, TX!


My friends and I have tix for the NY show with Blink. We’d go to pay our respects :cry: I still can’t believe this is real


Anyone from Tampa???


I am trying to organize one in Las Vegas, NV. Anyone interested?


it would definitely be nice to do something here in Houston in honor of Chester. I know there’s a lot of fans here, just not sure how we can all organize to do something. ;;

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Anybody going to the San Jose, CA one? That was going to be my first Linkin Park show, guess it will never happen now, but I’d love to meet up anyways.

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It would be nice to do one in Los Angeles.


Anyone in the Utah area? Lindon, P.G. Orem, A.F?


Anyone in Arkansas? I’d love to do one for him.


I’m trying to get something together for Clarkston, MI on August 7th. I’m thinking we can find a park and sit down, get some music going, and just have a nice support group/vigil. It’s needed. You can find me on twitter @_lostintheecho2, let me know if anyone is interested.

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I’m in Seattle and would LOVE a gathering… Anyone else out there?


LA here. We used to be able to friend each other on here but I dont see that function anymore

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I’m from Tampa. I’m down and I know some of my friends will be too!

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Yup, Seattle was gonna be my first LP show too. heavy sigh


@bonniemonaghan It would be great to find more people from the LA area. I was thinking we could do a candlelight vigil at Santa Monica’s Lincoln Park, the park Linkin Park was named after. Maybe we can start another thread & find other angelinos?

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