Memorials for Chester - North America

@bonniemonaghan also there has been a petition to get that park’s name changed to “Linkin Park”. Here’s the petition link:

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It would be nice to see something setup in Cleveland… Maybe WMMS could set something up outside of the Rock and Roll HOF (where LP will undoubtedly end up).

Then there’s my trip to see them in Boston, which has been finalized. So I will be out there on Thursday. If something takes place there I will surely attend…

I also had planned on going to the Cincinnati show on August 12th, so if a memorial were to take place there I’d go to that as well.


I’ll be in Atlanta for a while…so I’m down for something here.

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I am down man. Any one in the Dallas Fortworth area???
Auguest 25th …memorial day for Chester. Hit me up folks

My Facebook: Reza Ghoddoosian

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We have to do one in L.A. We have to.
The guys are going through an incredibly difficult time, so I feel this is our responsibility.
If anyone knows of one already in the works, please let me know! Or if you want help organizing one please let me know.
I live in San Diego, but I can still help, and go to L.A.


If anyone was planning to see them at DTE (Clarkston, Michigan - Detroit area) on August 7th, HMU. Why is this real??? :sob:


Vegas here. Lmk if anything comes if this.

Upstate/Central N.Y. here, would love to do something here to show support for everybody

Theres one planned for tonight at Central Park in NYC by the fountain.

I did not organize it but we should mourn as one at this time

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I wish I could go but I’m up north in Syracuse Area.

For those of you that had tickets to the Citi Field show, do you plan on you going down the day of? I feel as if anyone that was planning on going should just get together.


If anything is organized in DC or at Jiffy Lube Live I’ll be there

I am also in LA and would love to help make something happen!


@maribeldelvillarprez I started one on facebook, need all the help possible!

@bedunton I started one on fb, need all the help!


I’m in LA and would love to be part of a memorial for chester.

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@lilyana_rl I started this event on fb, need all the help we can get.

has anyone shared this on the linkin park sub Reddit? If not, mind if I do?


I was going to the San Jose show. Know of any meet ups? Oct 18th is kind of far away, but I would still be down to meet up then or sooner.