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To all expert… If I don’t renew my membership, then a few months later I subscribe again, what my profile will be lost, including my friends, my points? should I create a new profile again? Thanks…

If I’m not mistaken, as long as you use the same email, you’ll good.

Yeap, you just gotta use the same email. I do believe though that accounts get automatically deleted if we don’t renew within a year. (or was it 6 months? Can’t remember)

Your profile will remain, whether you’ve got a paid membership or not. I’m living proof, my paid membership hasn’t been renewed but I can still log in. :wink: Of course, certain perks won’t be available anymore, such as the ability to enter contests, join the LPU chat. Or as it appears, receive and reply to private messages in your profile. But other than that, you can still log in and be on the forum and what-not.

Damn, I totally forgot the two sites are merged now. Never mind my comment above lol

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Okay… I understand now… so even though my membership subscription has ended, I still can chat in the forums… oooh I’m happy for this… hopefully less than six months I’ve been able to subscribe again… I do not want to lose my friends here… :blush: :wink: :smile:

Yeap, you just won’t have access to LPU’s part of the forum (marked with blue).

Which one? Can you send me a screenshoot of LPU’s part can’t I access? Thanks… :blush:

All threads that are under the categories with the blue box are the ones LPU members only have access to.

love to see you back soon here in the underground

sorry lost the “so” on the way to the tabs, meant naturally “so soon” :joy:

@EvoOba Yeah I see… thanks… It doesn’t matter, which is important I can still join in this forum… :blush:
@The_early_walker Haha I’m happy too… I think after the membership expired I could no longer join in the forum, but it turns out I was wrong, I was still able to join you guys in this forum… But until now I havn’t received email notification about my expired subscription… I don’t know why? I can still access my profile, add friends, and receive emails or comments…

You don´t need to know WHY, you´ve to be HAPPY; take it as a gift

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I can never see the blue categories. Thanks for showing the screenshot. I never really understood this… now I understand but don’t understand why I don’t see these categories… :frowning:

it appears after sometime, in my case it was like this :smiley:

@BetyVia Of course you can access everything on your profile, you are still a member of Since the sites are merged now you basically don’t lose anything on your profile or whatever, you just don’t have access to parts of the site LPU members do like the chat, the videos and some parts of the forum.

@Tweek You still can’t? Did you contact the HQ about this? They definitely need to check it out.

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@The_early_walker yes, I’m very happy now… :smiley:
@EvoOba thank you very much Eva… I understand now… :blush: I’m glad to still be a member of LPU :smile:

OMG, I just remember that I couldn’t access the video at LPU-TV… That means I can’t see a video chat of Mike’s that will be uploaded soon… :frowning:

Someone will most likely upload it to youtube like always.

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