Meet & Greet Question!

Okay guys… i’m new to this whole Meet & Greet thing! i’m attending the show in Carson, CA and i have signed up for the Meet & Greet, however… i noticed that is says “IF SELECTED, YOU WILL RECEIVE ONE MEET & GREET PASS. ONLY THOSE ON THE LIST WILL BE GIVEN A PASS. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.” so my understanding is that, not everyone who RSVP’s is able to go. is that correct? or does everyone who signs up gets to attend the Meet & Greet?
Thanks for the help everyone :smiley:

Yes, it’s just like in the text, it’s logical, don’t you think? If 400 people would go to M&G then it would take hours, and you have like 5 seconds with each member anyway. In Warsaw there were 50 people and it took 1,5 hour to meet and to make sure that everybody is on the list and nobody is trying to get inside without being selected.

For every M&G 20 - 50 people are selected.

What Andrus said. :slight_smile:

They have to set a maximum of people to attend the M&G, so it won’t take 5 hours to complete. So if you attend a show and there’s 100 + people signed up for the M&G it really is all about being lucky. :slight_smile: So yeah, good luck!

I’ve never been to one either…can someone please explain…so this takes place “hours” before the show…so I assume afer the M&G you are allowed to leave the venue and go collect your UNLUCKY friend who has come with you to the show, but has to sit in the parking lot, donut shop, etc. for SEVERAL HOURS while, if “selected”, you go to an hour and half meet and greet? This seems odd…so if lucky enough to be selected, either you travel down to the venue alone, or expect your friend to come and SIT IT OUT for FOUR HOURS…a couple hours while you meet and greet, then wait another couple hours until the band comes on and plays?? Man, that’s asking alot of our unlucky companions, isn’t it? Anyone have some pointers for trying to make this a fun concert event for my friend if I’m lucky enough to be selected? Thanks!

The one I attended was during the concert, during one of the opening bands. It was Projekt Revolution 2007, with HIM, My Chemical Romance, and Placebo. During HIM’s set, I was meeting LP while my friend was meeting Placebo. Neither one of us were really into HIM, so it was kinda cool to miss them lol.

I missed only one band out of 3 before LP played. First two were even nice, then I left the venue leaving my friend alone for one band, then I came back for LP. No problem with re-entry or leaving.

"The number of people chosen depends on the show but may be anywhere from 30 - 75, depending on the venue and timing of the M&G. " - Adam’s blog

That’s the name of the game.

Besides, the M&G is not necessarily hours before the actual concert. At Skive Festival, we met the band, like, 30 minutes before they went on stage and did their concert. Sure, we had to wait about an hour before we got backstage, because of all the security and stuff, but that’s still not several hours before the show. The M&G lasted about 15 minutes in my case.

I can understand how it might suck that your friend can’t come with you, but if everyone selected had a plus one at the M&G (who isn’t a member of LPU), they wouldn’t accept that many LPU members to attend, and that wouldn’t be fair to the many other LPU members who wants to meet the band as well.

i wanna tag on to that…are the selections random or are they the first 20-50 ppl who sign up?

Thanks for everyone’s comments…guess I’ll just wait and see what transpires, if anything. I understand obviously that the friends can’t attend as well…but wouldn’t it be cool if they had a place set up for them to all hang out or something? Maybe pass the time with a cold beer :slight_smile: I was just curious how it all worked.

You know what i totally agree with that. i felt the same way when i first learned how this all worked, its sort of odd but i guess in some way it all works. Im just hopeing i get chosen (like everyone else) but their are alot of people signed up for this specific meet & greet. probably because its LA? i dont know, but whatever. Thanks everyone!

When I got selected for the M&G at their Milton Keynes Projekt Revolution gig I met the band during Jay-Z’s set. Once I’d left the M&G and met back with my friend who was where I left him watching the gig, we didn’t wait long before Linkin Park got on stage. Because the M&G was backstage they could only take those with a pass back there for security reasons.

[quote=Andrus]In Warsaw there were 50 people and it took 1,5 hour to meet and to make sure that everybody is on the list and nobody is trying to get inside without being selected.

For every M&G 20 - 50 people are selected.

A little correction - At Warsaw was almost 100ppl - that was amazing :slight_smile: