Meet&Greet in Europe. Have you got selected?


I’m so excited…

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Sucks that we have to wait until 17 March to find out, I’m gonna be so nervous about it…


What country?


Netherlands :3

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Aww you have to wait a bit but it’s like 2 days after the last one in Italy :heart_eyes:

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Meee for tomorrow show in Milan! :sob:

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I got my invite…!!!..holy shit…!!..I added my response in the other topic regarding the M & G with Mike. I did however fail to add something on my other post, as long as it is…!!..Anyone else from NY who might actually be going, we should def talk…!!..ok, like I said in my other post after getting the invite, Step 1) CALM THE FK DOWN…!!…then you guys can read the other 5 or 6 steps I put down on the other reply I just added…Peace…Mark…

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So, I met Mike in Luxembourg yesterday and was wondering how long it usually takes LPU staff to send the photos/ link of the session. Can’t wait…thx guys


I got them 2 days after the concert (in the morning); but I did win my entry to the M&G in an unconventional way so I might have got them at a different time from the others since I had a different contact person.

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I got them 24 hours after the M&G in Hamburg.
But since they’re having a day off today, I guess it could take a while longer. :slight_smile:


Alright, I’ll be patient. Thx for the quick responses everyone!



Welcome to the community guys! Hope you will have fun :two_hearts:

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hey, you’re the guy who’s friend got Mike on his knees for her? :grinning:


Wow you gotta tell me the story!


Wait what? Explain please xD


Hey, i‘m not quite sure what you mean :grin:. I was there by myself (green vans might ring a bell for you) and I didn’t notice what was going on after Mike signed my cd. Was he on his knees? The Girl with the golden ticket was after me in line, that’s all I remember of concerning the people around me.

Anyway, all I can report of is of my short conversation with him. I told Mike that his music was part of so many important moments of my life (like my wedding) and that I am very grateful for the memories connected to his music. (Like Rock am Ring 2004 for example)
Then he signed my promo cd of one step closer/with you from 2000 and said „wow, this release is old. Thanks for your loyalty“. Then the M&G continued and we took our group photo.
After that I had to leave the venue, since I couldn’t stay for the concert but still…this will be something to remember for me.
Curious to hear about your take on the event too,
Best regards


Oh, yes, I remember you… The other guy an his friend were standing next to me… She wanted an autograph on her shoes, so Mike went down on his knees to do it… Probably had the photo taken like that…
I thought of so much to say but when it was my turn all I could say was, “hi how are you” :sweat_smile:
I write a lot, so I had a notebook with me with a title where Mike’s name is mentioned.
He signed the first page… This will be such an inspiration to keep writing…


You got your download link yet?


that is awesome!

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Haha I understand completely. I rehearsed my request to him from top to bottom for weeks so I just robotically did that; but anything else, not a clue :joy:

After we took the group photo Mike walked past me out the door and after he said to us all “see you tonight” he looked me straight in the eyes, but all I said was “yea, see you tonight!” as about a hundred things I could potentially say after that popped into my head (like “good luck” “looking forward to it” “you’ll rock it”) but before I could possibly get any of it out he was gone. (But maybe that’s a good thing. I mean, “good luck”??? As if he needs that! lmao)