Meet & Greet - How long do you get to stay with the band?!?!

Thinking of not going on holiday and buying the Meet & Greet tickets instead! Anyone who’s done this before, how long to you meet with the band? Also, does anyone know how quickly these tickets sell?

They seem to sell out quick as hell. Here you can find some info:

And I’m calling to @derek (apologies for so much tagging)

Thanks :slight_smile: I’ve been told a lot of bad things about the company that organises the meet & greets so i’m very unsure now.

They’ve changed the platform to the FullScreen Direct(really awesome) dunno if any of concert managing structures are changed

The old school meet and greets (circa 2003) used to be really quick, and rushed. With security eyeballing you all the way through. You’d walk over to a table that the band were sat behind, they’d sign your stuff and then you’d move on to the next, and eventually be outside within 30-60 seconds. They’ve relaxed a lot over recent years, and on the last couple of tours and you stand around in a circle as the guys walk along the line, signing and talking to the fans. So you get to be around them for longer, then they take a big group shot with everybody and the band. Feedback from the last few years has been more positive, but whether you can justify missing out on a holiday for a pre-paid M&G is something that only you can decide sadly. I’m keeping fingers crossed for the lottery myself, as I cannot afford even the £149 package as I have a 2 year old.