How can i apply for a M&G opportunity?

Hello guys, I already bought my ticket to the show and now i need to know how can i win a M&G, I need to do something?

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They haven’t been announced yet, keep your eyes open for a post on the site.


They typically show up in the events area, like evooba said, keep your eyes open for shows around you.


When ur area gets a concert the details are posted on the forum and then you apply

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Is the M&G before the show? How long before? Because people that needs to get there early to go to the first row then…

M&Gs take place during the set of the support act. Attendees are sometimes led to the front row by security if the pit and/or front rows are reserved for the LPU.


thanks! is the whole first row for LPU?
How can you prove that you are an LPU member?
Because I am thinking to buy standing ticket to try the first row. Without first row for me is better seating otherwise I can’t see anything.

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You have to buy a membership to be a LPU member.

I am LPU member.
But there is no card or something.
Are LPU members getting first in or is everybody running to the first row ramdomly?

We don’t know if there’s gonna be early entry at this tour.
Like I mentioned above, sometimes the first rows are reserved, but it’s too early to tell.

grrr, I needed to know to decide between seating and standing.
thanks anyway.
ah, in case is reserved for LPU members, do you know a way to prove that? I can login the website so that the security believes?! lol

Standing is always better.

Proof is your laminate and some sort of ID since they do have a list with names (At least that’s how it worked at the show I attended, I’m sure it can vary).

hum but I am digital membership…
standing for me is only worth in the first row as I am not tall and I literally can’t see them or take pictures.

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I always choose seating for the same reason. M&G is also possible if you have seats I hope?

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