Meet & Greet Cologne

Anybody has been selected or the contest is still up ?

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No, I think the emails will be delivered tomorrow.

So far the contest winner got their comfirmation mail the day before the show

in paris it was two days before

how many were you @DavidZinssler and @theearlywalker?

Keeping my fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t2: it’d be too cool to win, I really wonder how many people have participated in the competition. Can’t wait for the show anyway! Wednesday can’t come soon enough :heart_eyes:

Would be great to know soon.
Does anybody know how many people they select?

Only three days guys!:grinning:

Unfortunately I won no m&g @HakManLP

also keeping my fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t3:
can’t wait for the show :smile:

I thought they have already chosen the winners for the M&G but if nobody got an email yet…

I hope someone posts it over here as soon as they get the mail. I can’t stop checking my mails, so nervous


Same here. Checking my mails every five min. Did they draw them or not? I’m confused

Same here. Never checked my emails so often like I do today!


ah, i thought, Sorry early :slight_smile:

… I’m so nervous and excited omg

I can’t wait. I’m very excited. :see_no_evil:

It drives me crazy that they donˋt send the mails!

Me too! Why do they wait so long?
But so there is still hope for us all.

Oh god, when I saw there‘s a new message here I thought somebody already got an email! Having so much hope is also bad cause I will be so sad when I don‘t win… but anyway I wish you good luck!

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It’s just #Trollnoda and #Trollinpark :rofl: