Meet & Greet Birmingham UK

I really hope i get picked for the M&G for next weeks Birmingham show!

The contest for the M&G is now closed, so when do we find out if we got picked?

And how do we find out? is it a direct email or is it a notification here on LPU?

Not sure but I have everything crossed!
I genuinely think I would cry if I got selected haha!
Good luck to You!

(Btw I think you get an email)


Good luck everyone :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Good luck y’all!

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Good luck everybody! Hope to meet some of you there :smiley:

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Reckon it would have been today we would find out? It maybe over the weekend?


Probably overnight or tomorrow. Lorenzo puts it on Twitter once the emails have been sent.

Ah ok
(You got me we’ll excited then seeing an email titled “Linkin park meet and greet Birmingham” Haha!!)


Argh the suspense is killing me…!

Tell me about it!! Been checking Lorenzo’s twitter, LPU and my email religiously all morning hoping to see an update. Driving me crazy lol

Me and the misses are the same! This is torture XD

I hope the same thing doesn’t happen to you as what happened with us at Download 2014. My wife got a pass and I didn’t :expressionless:

Weve kinda agreed, if we dont both win were gonna barrier it, thats our plan!

Odds of you both getting it at the same time are fairly slim. If she wins a pass and you don’t, be a gent and let her enjoy it. She might not get a chance again. Best of luck for the both of you. I’m going on my own this time as my wife cannot get time off of work and it’s too late a night for her job. In my eyes, it’s my turn to win M&G, but I doubt I will. In the meantime though whilst I’m waiting, I’ve just got my soldier tattoo arranged with a studio. £210.

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I know Dude, believe me i’ve told her to grab it with both hands if she wins! Just she has mixed feelings about one of us missing out I think, but I suppose thats the situation for a lot of LPU couples ( and other fan clubs) and you have to take the oppertunities as an us not and I or her. Sounds very cool, would like a fort minor skull and crossbones at some stage!

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They seem to let people know only the day before even, talk about suspense! I think it’s by email, I’ve been checking my junk mail too as a guy on twitter said he had won a meet and greet to one of their European shows last week and it was sat in his junk mail and he hadn’t realised :disappointed_relieved: Check your junk mail!

Best thing is to check Lorenzo’s twitter. He posts when the M&G emails have been sent


Lorenzo has just said on twitter that the emails will be sent tomorrow!


Crossing my fingers and toes!

Emails sent. I’ve not got one, anybody else have any luck?