Meet and greet rock im park/rock am ring

are the ppl for rock im park/ rock am ring choosen? or will the next 1-2 days?

According to Adam, the M&G are announced three days prior to the actual event, so I’d say the people chosen will get an e-mail in about two-four days time. :slight_smile:

so the ppl will be choosen next 1-2 days?

That’s my qualified guess, yeah. :slight_smile: So watch your mail!

it’s said that if you don’t have access to your mails the day you should get the mail, you can go to the box office before the show. but there won’t be box offices on a festival, will they?

At Skive Festival, we have a place for re-charging your cellphone, while you can use a festival computer to check your mail in the mean time. I don’t know how the procedure is at Rock am Ring/Rock im Park.

Last year, there was something from O² where you can charge your phone but no terminals with internet, so you need a smartphone or ask someone there, but i think they will give you a chance to ask someone from the RaR staff and they can say it to you.

Hey friends of Linkin Park today I received an incredible wonderful news … Meet and greet with the boys … who else is there? … hope you enjoy at Rock am Ring … you know where you except by e-mail to be notified? … where should they be box office … fuck this is so incredibly cool
Love greetings marcel … Linkin Park forever …[smile][lol][lol]

I will also attend the meet and greet at Rock am Ring.
this is my first meet and greet
I was so happy when I read the confirmation [smile]

i got the confirmation a month ago. but got it again now :slight_smile: so i will be there! :slight_smile: starting my trip to germany later today :wink:

i have a M&G at rock im park :smiley: its my first M&G im sooooo excited :smiley:

Hi Everybody !

I have a M&G pass for the Rock im park !!! But I’m sad because my friend is more fan than me and she have a problem with her account and she couldn’t registrer for the M&G. I want to give her my pass but it’s forbidden… I’m so sad !!

also get a Meet&Greet pass

first M&G, does anyone know how long it takes and what will happen there? Are the guys just sit there and give u the autogramm?

well basically you stand in line for an autograph. lp members are sitting around a table. and you can talk to them, but you have to be really fast :wink: when everybody’s got one, all lpu members gather around to take a group picture with the entire band :smiley:

Also get a M&G pass för Rock im Park.
My Name is Elmar and I’m from Germany.
I’m so excited about meeting the best band ever! I’m a fan since 2000 and so glad to meet other “crazy” LP- fans like me :wink:
Cya in Nuremburg

wish you guys a lot of fun!

I win the M&G for Rock am Ring. Is there anybody who is there too?

i have one for Rock am Ring :smiley:

[quote=Wolfgang]also get a Meet&Greet pass

first M&G, does anyone know how long it takes and what will happen there? Are the guys just sit there and give u the autogramm?[/quote]

It’s close to what sidheartslp said, but as for the group photo, there was no time for one in Skive, they were on a tight schedule, so don’t count on anything, but be happy if there is time. :slight_smile:

Have a wonderful time!