Meet and Greet Photos

Hey guys!

Any news on when we’ll get the M&G photos from the UK? London O2, to be more specific.


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One of our fellow fans who’ve been to the M&G before said it takes weeks (six weeks she said) before they send us the link to the photos :tired_face: But in Birmingham, it was the Barclaycard Arena crew who took the pictures (in her iPhone! For real?!) so I hope they send it earlier

I emailed them and Lorenzo said he’ll put them up this week. I assume they put all of them at the end of the european tour. Probably your friend went to one of the shows at the start at the tour and had to wait for it to finish.


Thank you for this info // Does Lorenzo have an IG or Twitter or something

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This week?? That’s soon :blush: Was expecting to wait ages.

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Waiting in anticipation for pics lol :joy:. I hope I am in at least one of them :slight_smile: :joy:

Wow Fellow Meet and Greet LPUers. We got some great pics from out greet. And we are in so many of them :slight_smile: I love my Chester one :slight_smile:


@ljhowell Thanks for liking :slight_smile: You were in quite a few of the photos too. What did you think of them?

Yeah it’s a good photo!

I was a bit disappointed by the photos as I did really want one of me and Mike (especially him drawing on me), a couple are good though. But to be honest I have the memory of it all happening and I’m convincing myself that’s just as good :joy: Although the obvious is I have the tattoo for memories too of course, I’ll never forget it!

Your happy with yours right? That’s a good one of you and Chester.

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Thanks :smile: I was looking to see if they had one of Mike drawing on you. It would have been good to get a shot of that :slight_smile:

The tattoo memory is awesome. I still love that concept/idea/story.

I am happy with the ones I am in and tbh I like all of them from a community aspect and that LPU cared enough to post and take so many pictures. Credit to LPU and LP as a whole!!! :slight_smile:

I liked mine so much I have just ordered a digital picture frame to house them all and past LP pictures of course. I am mad like that!!!

When are you getting colour for your tat. I know I may be asking a lot but would be it be possible to see it again when you get it done? :smile: :wink:

No that’s cool I like the frame idea. I’m thinking to get a small one for my ticket I got signed and put a photo in too, it’s nice to keep these things a bit sacred.

After a bit more scrutiny of all the photos I’ve spotted I am in the background whilst Mike is drawing on me lol, just right in the corner!

Yeah I’m experimenting with colours at the moment with the tattoo but will be sure to post it when it’s done. I’ll be hoping to get it done in the next couple of weeks :grinning:

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Hey :slight_smile:

I liked the idea of frames and keeping it sacred. It is an awesome keepsake. I have a massive frame of my first M&G where I had the reanimation vinyl signed. The second M&G I donated to my big brother so he could meet them with his son. But I still created a frame with that too :slight_smile:

And NIA M&G I decided to enter the digital world…lol :joy: :rofl: and add my pics and scans of pics on there, Look at me getting all flash :slight_smile:

I just saw Mike drawing on you. I missed that when I looked at the Pics. I wonder how long it will take to upload all 222 pics to my Facebook…lol :joy:

It would be cool to see your new edited tat when you get coloured. I look forward to it :slight_smile:

Hope u doing ok :slight_smile: and not suffering from Post gig blues!!!

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