Meet and Greet Photo

I was wondering how long it takes for the Meet and Greet photos to be posted? I went to the Cincinnati show and I keep looking for the pictures. I guess I am impatient :frowning: sorry

Check back in a week or so.

I wonder why Mark is only taking pictures of the group these days… Even for the European tour he took pictures of people in line and meeting the band. Unless Adam just isn’t uploading them all :confused:

Us people who went to Jones Beach on 8/15/12 didn’t even get one.

Well hopefully they upload some Cincinnati pictures I know there were a lot of us so you would think there might be plenty of photos.

The Cincinnati show was one of the best performances I have seen LP put on yet.

yeah it took mine in bristow about a week to pop up

waiting for Detroit please

Last night Adam said a few would pop up so hopefully by the end of today there will be some.

Thanks for following up I can’t wait to see them :slight_smile:

argh still waiting

I dont understand why it takes over a week to upload one or two pictures. Patiently waiting :frowning:

2 new cities were added.

why the hell does it take so long?

a third was JUST added

Where’s the auburn hills photo?!?!?!???

[quote=Amanda Brenner]Where’s the auburn hills photo???[/quote]!!!

Every other meet and greet gets posted but not Michigan :frowning:

another city posted, detroit skipped again

I think we’re SOL on this one. My first meet and greet and was really was looking forward to see the picture!

can we contact Adam for our picture?

pls upload detroit M&G photos