Meet and greet in Poland 9 th of June 2012

Your photos, opinions about M&G :wink:

Mine photos are here: hope you like it :slight_smile:

Thank You soo much Kaja! :smiley: m&g was amazzzing! I still can’t believe that we met LP:)

thanks Kaja! i still can’t believe that i was there

Today when I will back to home I’ll upload my photos & videos from m&g:) Now I’m waiting for others pics & videos:))

It was great :slight_smile: I still can’t believe that Chester was wearing on his arm red scarf, which I gave him at M&G :smiley:

just got back :smiley: Fuckin amazing show! Photos and full show video coming soon :wink:

Haha, got my Hybrid theory EP signed!
on the group photo I’m near Mike^^

Lol, I asked Chester to say ‘BRAMBLES’ with that funny voice of his, and he did it^^

ok so here are my photos:

I relly thank you for all of the photos:) I would like to stay in Warsaw and repeat it completely:)

This M&G was awesome [heart]
The band liked my artwork, and on the group photo I’m really close to Chester. Only bad thing about it was that it ended and I totally forgot to buy LPU CD I wanted (but I’m not sure if it was even possible). Anyway, I hope LP soon comes back to Poland [biggrin]

ps. Sorry, I can’t upload my photos now, but I’ll do it ASAP. [wink]


I would like to ask you to write by handwrite few words aout M&G , scan it and send it to me via email.

I’m planning to make sort of album about Lpu with fotos etc. And give it to LP when they will come back to Poland. ( because they have to returt !!! :wink: )

If someone is intrested please sent to

If not I’m planning to do it anyway with you or without you :wink:

I’m still in Warsaw, so when I will be at my home I will do it. It’s fantastic plan:)
btw…common people let’s upload yours pictures and videos from m&g, thanks

Amazing experience! I was so excited I hardly talked to them :slight_smile: But I got my Meteora signed and I’m in the front row on the group photo, between Mike and Brad :smiley:

My photos:

What a day/night! I coudn’t return to reality… It’s impossible! Thank you for your pictures, something from me.


My BFF told me that guys were in great mood :smiley: I’m glad you all enjoyed M&G

I have described my impression on my blog :stuck_out_tongue: Unfortunately, my photos are blurred because my hands were shivering…

Thanks for the photos, seeing myself on some of them