Meet and Greet in Bristow, VA

How do you guys know you go meet and greet??? is it the LPA contest thing? Please tell us !!! :confused:

Thats so weird. I got an email from the underground like a month ago saying I was guaranteed a meet and greet since I signed up before a certain time in January and then I got my second confirmation email today. Not sure why I’m the only one who got it so long ago, maybe it’s cuz I emailed them directly? No idea.

The Bristow M&G contest ends at 11PM PST Friday Evening. It would appear the people who have a guaranteed M&G are being notified via email first. The rest are on standby until the contest commences. Good luck to all since a M&G would be icing on the cake for this Summer :0D

I got an email today about getting confirmed for the M&G. Not sure if I’ll take it or not simply because I’ll be going with my girlfriend and we both have early entry. Since I’m meeting them at the summit next week, I’m leaning more towards getting to the front of the pit than meeting them twice… which would be awesome.

I’m torn!

I’m not sure how they’re doing it for the LPU but the people who got emailed were the ones who were selected by the LP Street Team.

I want to get that meeting in bristow of watching the band practice, the live rehearsal, since I cant go to the show because of a wedding, I would love to watch that at least, but I think the summit and concert in NJ is going to trump everything I have done with LP in my life, all the shows since 1999 that I have been to, this should be the best ever, getting excited as crap.

i got my confirmation yesterday for the meet and greet and the backstage experience the best birthday gift ever this will be my dream too have a blast.

I got neither the rehearsal, backstage tour, or a meet and greet! Very unlucky this time around haha.

[quote=AlexLinkinPark]i have a M&G to the Bristow show too! This will be my second time meeting them! My first one was awesome! i was so nervous though, but it was awesome!