Meet and greet in berlin

hi, I have got one question :smiley: i entered a contest in Berlin, and my question is - i need to put photo on my profile now, or i can do this when i (hopefully) win? Is my first m&g, soooo. need help :pray:

Hi! Good luck, i just entered for the M&G in Oberhausen and Amsterdam. :slight_smile:

You can add a picture to your account by going to the menu, click right top icon, then go to “My account”. Scroll all the way down and then on the left you will see “manage account”

Ok. So i will do it soon. Thank you! :blush:

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You are welcome! I see you already did it! Cool :slight_smile:

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Where does it say you need to put a photo on your profile?

Good luck for the M&G’s!

I entered m&g and then I saw an information about it - that I need to have ticket for this show etc., and the last thing was about photo.

Hello, i think what they mean is, that your user full name in your LPU account must match with your photo id and the name on this one , so, with you identity card. For the picture here, it’s not a must. I entered contest twice before but never had a chance till now, let’s cross fingers for all


I thought it was like you say, but I havent entered m&g earlier so thats why I asked😊

Good luck for you too :crossed_fingers:


Thanks @ada9 :blush:

Yes, that’s what I meant! (“Your LPU account full name must match your PHOTO ID at Check-In […]”).

Fingers are crossed! :slight_smile:

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Yes fingers crosses for all of you :blush:


good look to everyone. I enterede Hamburg and Berlin too. Like many said: your LPU name must match with your photo ID (Personalausweis)

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Hey everyone,

just to sort out some confusion; it says that the name you used here to register your account needs to be the same than on the ID you bring (and the ID needs to be a photo ID) - that doesn’t meant that you need to have a photo in here, it only means that the names need to match!

Hope that helps a bit :wink:


Yes, now is everything clear. I just was not sure, but it has sense now :smiley: