Meet and Greet!Help!

" If you are under 18 years of age, your guardian must be in voluntary agreement with the foregoing in order for you to attend the event." -How should look the agreement? In what look? Written? I am 17 years old, and having read it reflected.

Hi Candy!

Don`t be stressed! Its all fine.

For example a signed consent of your father and the copy of identity card of your father

That’s for sure?
It can not appear on another?
And that suddenly also I will not get on a meeting :frowning:

You must need a signed consent of you father or mother … I think so. But, you can ask Adam.

I am pretty sure a signed consent will be enough. They just need some kind of consent from your guardian for the legal stuff, because you’re under 18, but it should be enough if it’s a signed consent.

You could write something along these lines:

I, (insert your father/mothers name),

hereby allow my son, (insert your name), to participate at Linkin Park Underground’s Meet and Greet with the band Linkin Park.

insert date insert signature from the parent signing the paper

And then you just bring that piece of paper, your photo ID and the confirmation mail you got for the M&G and everything should be fine. :slight_smile: But just in case, a photo copy of the parent signing the paper’s photo ID would be good to bring as well. :slight_smile:

Maria is right!! I think so too!!!

Wish you very much fun!!! Enjoy it!!

I hope everything it will be good!

Don’t worry about it! :slight_smile: I’m a law student, I should know things like this. :wink:

And have a great time at the Meet and Greet! :slight_smile:

they haven’t even asked me for a agreement, so don’t be stressed. Some words that your parents are agreed are enough.
I’m 16 :wink:

I’ve got the same problem.Thank you very much, who helped us!!! :wink: