Meet and greet fans

Just wanted to say hi I’ve been a linkin park fan for years they make great music I wish they would have a concert in Tennessee. :smiley:

I hope your wish comes true :smiley:

Thanks me too!:ok_hand:

I´m had real good luck, can see them in one year twice!! see them in September! :laughing:

Your lucky :smiley:

We just had a Nashville show.

That’s 6 hrs from where I’m at :cry:well worth the drive though when?

I’m a ky fan to :ok_hand:

I saw them in 2012 and last September and will be at rock in rio in 3 weeks. They don’t come closer then 5 hrs from me so I am used to a trip to see them but worth every minute :relaxed:

Anyone else write poetry?

six hours means nothing to me, if the result is that I can see
Linking Park
turns everything out of the dark
isn ´t this poetry???.. :laughing:

Just bought tickets online for May 17 Columbus ohio :point_left: it will be my first concert
Very happy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::smiley::smiley:

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Oh linkin park concert :joy:


Thanks it’s been a long wait but finally :ok_hand:

Congratulation, ami has the nicer pic, I know, but you´ll have the time of your life there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I can’t wait let there be rock! Enjoy your weekend :smiley:

Where is everybody? :grinning:

We are doing just like you said :stuck_out_tongue:

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you are so right ami, like everytime, tomorrow i show ya the pic I created byturning my anger…