Meet and greet cincinnati


I’m sure the answer to this is somewhere but it’s impossible to find, but how do I get tickets to meet and greet? do I need the new LPU 17 lanyards? do I need a special code when I purchase tickets, if anyone could help that would be awesome!


I doubt they are still available to begin with-at least with the lpu présale

But provided they are available, you have to have a full lpu membership… if you have that then you should have received a code which is visible under your picture on the “my account” part of your profile…
you go in to purchase the Vip tix and input the code and it should let you through your purchase

Again, unless they release more for the general sale, I’d imagine they’re going by very quickly as they did in the other venues


what do you mean full membership? it says I’m a legacy member, do I need to upgrade? there is no code under my account picture. thanks for your help by the way


Legacy membership as far as I understand it means that you were a member from before the site was changed, what I mean by full is just a paid membership in the past year, the free membership doesn’t let you do certain things

If you’ve paid or renewed recently then you should be full member otherwise unfortunately I don’t think they were doing codes

@jFar920 can check if you don’t remember about the member part and he might have better info
Good luck!


thank you so much, is there a way I can DM them?


Oh no, he will stop by here, when you tag someone they receive a notification that they were tagged and eventually he will stop by here haha he’s been showing up in the evenings so hopefully you’ll hear soon :slightly_smiling_face:


thank you so much normally people dont reply to help lol. appreciate you!

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No problem! :slightly_smiling_face:
I can’t remember when the General sale was for cincy but try to check if they put up any vips there too, with it being an add on date maybe not too many people are as aware as they were the first time around


It depends, if you want VIP tickets that come with a m&g you can just go ahead an purchase them, no need to be a LPU member for that. But, if you’re after regular tickets, in order to enter the m&g contest you have to be pay and be a LPU member. Once that’s done, you just RSVP to the show’s contest and hope for the best.


They were asking for a préstale code here for those that’s why the person is asking :confused: they weren’t letting Vip purchases without the code


i can do meet and greet without even being lpu? interesting.thx fir help


I think it’s starting to make sense, code is for early access to VIP. that makes sense. tickets go on sale to public, but I’m LPU member since like 2016, but didn’t receive code so I hope public VIP packages are still available


Your account says you aren’t an active LPU member. You have to renew your account every year, it’s not a one time payment. If you did pay for this year, contact
LPUHQ@LPUNDERGROUND.COM and let them know.

You can do a Meet & Greet without an LPU membership, but it’s an additional cost and probably sold out by now. LPU M&Gs are free if you have a membership, but they aren’t guaranteed, it’s a lottery

The contest to enter the M&G is likely not up yet, and when they do go up, winners will not be announced until very shortly before the show


Where do I go to check on the M&G lottery? I’m going to the show in Silver Spring & want to sign up


This is where they will be when they finally go live


See you at the Cincy show, @jheck116!!