May 18 HOB

I AM SO EXCITED!!! This is going to be my fifth time seeing LP!! I can’t believe I got two tickets after refreshing the page for 30 minutes!

I can’t wait to see/meet everybody there! Who’s with me? :slight_smile:

I’m so there!!!

It will also be my 5th show! I can’t believe that it’s only my 5th show and I’ve been a fan forever!!!

I’m coming from Chicago with my husband for our 10- year anniversary!

I can’t believe I got tickets my first try! I was freaking out! It’ll be my 4th show. CAN’T WAIT!!! :smiley:

So excited too this will be my 4th show! I’m really happy for everyone who got tix and I even noticed there was still a ticket available about 10 mins ago when I went to look.

I need to count how many shows I have been to. It has been so many! See you ladies there… so glad there will only be lpu members!

This show is going to be amazing!

this will be my third show. first exlusive lpu show. was also at staples center show and kroq weenie roast. can’t wait to see LP will you all!!!

This will be my 3rd show! [biggrin] I saw them at Weenie Roast 2011 and at the Mayan.

See you guys there! (:

I’m so glad I was able to get a ticket. This will be my first lp show ever. I’ve been a fan since hybrid theory. I remember being a kid and getting all excited when the one step closer video would come on haha why I waited so long to see them is beyond me. My time has come now :slight_smile: and I get to see them in San Diego too! Fucken dope! Lp year!

I’m going too~ This is only my 2nd show. The Staples Center show in Feb 2011 was my 1st and the Chula Vista show will be my 3rd (:

See you guys there. I’m going solo dolo, so if anyone wants to meet up that would be cool. The first time I saw LP live was at the House of Blues in 2007 and it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

This will be my 4th LP show, the first 3 were:
5/18/07 - House Of Blues, Hollywood, CA (Jimmy Kimmel Live)
9/22/09 - Streets in Westwood, CA (Transformers 2 Premiere)
2/23/11 - Staples Center (ATS Tour)

Who isn’t excited for this!? [biggrin] This will be my 6th time seeing Linkin Park, and I’m willing to bet this will also be the best show of them all. I can’t wait.

You’re gonna freaking have a blast… We all will!!! Not bragging here, just happy that we all get to go… And celebrating with the rest of you =o)

It’s going to be awesome and I’m so excited! My husband and I were at the secret show for Japan and we thought it would be really hard to beat that, but I think this will!

This will be our 3rd time seeing LP…

Just got my ticket! :slight_smile:
Hope to see you guys there! Russia represent! :slight_smile:
For those, you couldn’t get a ticket, keep trying! They release them from time to time.