Make a wish- wish granted



:sob: you’re cruel :joy:

Done, you have white hair like a grandpa, more ugly and difficult to comb, be happy :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I could be in Italy and hug @lpfan61 :slight_smile:


Noooooo! I’m neutral!!! :joy: :joy: :rofl: :rofl:

:scream: :unamused:

I love you!! :heart_eyes: :heart:
Granted!!! You’ll be with me, hugging me, eating cookies, playing with unicorns,listening LP!!! :heart:
Buuuuuutttt… you’ll have to help me getting all clean! :grin:

I wish I could speak English and Spanish fluently and some others languages too :grin:

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Granted! However, whenever you speak to a person you have to speak whatever language you speak that they don’t.

I wish I could paint really well.

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“neutral” :joy:

:stuck_out_tongue: :hugs:

Ok, I will :smile:

Done, you paint really well for a kid of 2 years.

I wish my students won their tests.


They did. By cheating.

If Mike is gonna play in Guatemala :yum:, I wish he played in front of my building as well because I’m not able to see him anywhere else.

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Take a day offfff you cannot skip Mike :confounded:
Anyway granted! But suddenly he breaks a guitar and some pieces break your window (Yeah, what’s gravity?)

You are an awesome teacher, I know every teacher wants his students to pass exams but not mine: my Latin teacher, for example, puts difficult questions to make us fail and prove she is better than the previous teacher…

I wish I had the courage to visit a psychologist

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It’s not my window but neighbour’s. Don’t think anything reaches second floor so easily.

You go to the psychologist but he’s Dr House-like.

I wish to find Rob in front of my building drumming after midnight just to let my neighbour know it’s not the right time to play loud music.


Granted but he got arrested for having disturbed all the zone

I wish I am super iper Smart

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I don’t think so. He signs autographs for all the Police officers and they let him continue.

You are super smart but nobody likes you 'cause they are envious.

And a wish:


Oh, that’s… Deep.
Alright, you can Google it, but all the pages have informations of unknown sources and every of them wants you to subscribe.

I wish I will never be fat

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(That was not deep. I don’t aspire to depth. I’ve found it and saved my brain from thinking).

You are sickly thin forever.

I wish I was back at school now.


You are back at school, but you are the only student and you are surrounded by teachers :joy:

I wish i had a chocolate ice-cream right now

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Got it! But it’s in the pic only

I wish to hug my pillow and sleep now


That’s like the worst thing ever :joy:

Ok but your pillow is always very very warm. Like 40ºC hot.

Hm… Wishing that the weekend lasted for 3 days :sunglasses:

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Seems it was. I kept waking up a few times.

Mine will this time. Thanks.

I wish I had nothing to do today.


Done, you work/study 15 days in a row now :stuck_out_tongue:

Done, but now you will have a lot of things to do until 2090 and you can’t take a rest :slight_smile:

I wish everyone could meet one day and that @framos1792 paid everything :smile:

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If only I could live for so long in a good shape…


@IronSoldier16 wish granted
But you must now buy everyone dinner


Ohh you will :wink:

Water and bread for everyone :stuck_out_tongue: :joy:

@acemasters your wish :upside_down_face:

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I wish to be done with uni.