Make a wish- wish granted

I wish that the chores in the house could be done by somebody else!!!

I don’t know what you guys are chatting about… @nickgr

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Oh, do i have to explain it now? @intheend :no_mouth:


@pankystef , you will earn a lot of money, but in a profession that you hate!

Someone else please make a wish

Many months ago, I told @theearlywalker about the run-down apartment which my family is still unable to sell. Absolutely nobody wants it, not even the bank. Our unit is the most furnished, but the entire exterior of the building is in awful disrepair. Even though the swimming pool has algaed to an awful greenish colour (the entire building is unoccupied), for the past 25 years every month we still have to pay “maintenance fees” to the security post. This is the reason why we could not sell it, even if for free.
Hence I wish that we can successfully sell (get rid off) this property so that the other party inherits the maintenance fees instead.

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Grant my wish, @georkost.

Granted…your parents will sell this property but the buyer will be generous enough to write it in your name…

Really? That’s illegal.

You can gift anything to anyone! And the new buyer will gift it to you!!!

But I thought you have to get the permission of the person you’re giving it to (if the “gift” were to have any hidden costs)? Because if not, then my parents could gift it to any unsuspecting person, without having to worry about getting sued later on once the person realises he unknowingly owes money (“maintenance fees” as a result of owning the property)

I’ve also mentioned to @theearlywalker about the red jeep that my father wanted to paint a gold colour (yup, my father is weird). The jeep was parked in the parking lot of the same run-down apartment which we couldn’t sell, as a way to self-justify the “maintenance fees”. This parking arrangement went well for many years (there’s a security post like I mentioned before), but then not too long ago, it got stolen, along with all the stuff within it. (Eg: 90s CDs in the front, lots of stuff (can’t remember what) in the boot.
I wish I can find back the jeep, along with the stuff within it (I know it’s impossibly gone)

@georkost, grant my wish!

Granted. You will find it…but you cannot take it can only see it :slight_smile:

I wish that the day that I will get a haircut will be soon!!! Very soon!

Yup, we’ll probably find that it got sold.

It’ll be tomorrow, but your hair will be shaved bald :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes yes yes!!! No more headaches from my stupid hair!!! Even bald sounds better!!!

I wish i have a happy day today

Granted, only today but next other days will be very sad days

I wish I’ll get lucky in my next game