Madina Lake Adalia Collage

For those of you who don’t know Madina Lake they toured with Linkin Park at Projekt Rev 07 or if your Australian they were here for Soundwave tour (end of Feb- early March) at the end of their Soundwave set in Perth, lead singer Nathan said (and i quote) “we’ll see you real soon” due to time change I wasn’t able to meet them but if/when they come back to Australia I want to give them something special which is a Adalia Collage. For those of you who don’t know Adalia is this girl Your text to link here…. The idea of the collage is take a picture of yourself like the one of Adalia, message me to which I’ll give you my email, email it to me and I’ll put towards the collage, also if there’s any message’s I’ll also include as well, guys can do this as well as girls, you don’t have to only if your a fan of the band, if not I strongly recommend you look them up. This is just an idea, it might not happen depending on how many people respond. thanks for reading :slight_smile: