M&G with no tickets ! (due to deliveray over delay)

Hi folks !

I have been selected for the indianapolis M&G. In the email, it is stated that I must provide the show ticket to have the M&G pass.
The problem is, I still don’t have receive my tickets by mail. And I will most probably be placed on willcall list by groundctrl…but, I don’t really know how it works. Will they provide me a ticket at the venue ? If not, how can I be granted my M&G ?

HELLLLP please ! :frowning:

(we’re leaving tomorrow from Canada for a 17 hours drive to get to indianapolis…so I’m kinda running out of time :frowning:

I THINK if you are placed on will call they give you a ticket. just make sure you bring your reciept where you bought your tickets. and congrats! hope you have fun!

I was selected for M&G also! Your tickets will be either will call or by email so you can print them out. Call ticketmaster and find out directly from them they can set that up IMMEDIATELY!!

contact groundctrl and if they say you will be placed on willcall, I’d imagine they’d give you the ticket at the venue the day of the show… if you’re worried that something might go wrong, print out the email from groundctrl and show it to Adam so that he knows you have a ticket
good luck!

Had to do this for Detroit show

Go to will call with ID, you’ll get your tickets then go in and go to the M&G area at the scheduled time

Oh shit this happend to anther girl aswell omg why is no one getting the tickets ???

groundctrl doesnt help to much nor does adam iv message him a few times for help and still havent heard anything ?

Yes, go to will call when you get there. Tickets usually arrive around 5PM local time. See you there!