M&G requirements

Hey soldiers,

What are the requirements for meet and greet? Is LPU Community Account sufficient?

Do you know how many people are usually chosen?

And if you don’t get chosen, can you pay for M&G like with other artists?

And if Mike was performing at multiple locations in one country, can you apply for all of them?

Hello!! :smiley:

To take part in a M&G you have to be a full LPU member (you have to be a paying member); like that you can sign up for the M&G and you’ll get a code for that.

No, you can’t… it’s only for LPU choosen members, there’s no other way to enter it…

:thinking: if I’m not wrong, you can do it. :smile:

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Ummm as far as I know,

This is true if you’re not counting the VIP tickets that sometimes are released
They’re expensive but well worth it if it’s something that has value to you…
I paid $300 I think last year for mine :grimacing::no_mouth:

In the contest rules, it says you have to have a ticket already to the show, winning a m&g does not grant you a ticket itself so keep that in mind


Oh yeah!! You’re right! But they’re not always released… :thinking:

Yeah, thanks for adding :smile:

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At the concerts of Mike there was the possibility to win a M&G at the Merchroadie. I don’t know if they are at the Asia tour too.