M&G Question

I have a M&G with the boys on Friday in Tinley Park. Question is I cannot make up my mind what to get signed next. Which of the following should I get signed (pick one)?

  1. Photos I took of all six of LP (one per band member), which look awesome!
    ***If I did this, what size prints should I go with? At least 8x10…or should I go poster size?
  2. Minutes to Midnight and/or ATS vinyl(s)
  3. Living Things poster (the one featuring all of the guys in it)
  4. Limited edition lithograph for the show I’m going to
  5. ATS tour poster (with girl and tiger on it)
  6. Reanimation CD cover

Of those six options, which should I go with? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi Marthix!

My opinion will be to take option 1! That way the band can also see something different and personal from a fan’s point of view! And size-wise, depending on where you want to put it, maby A3 size? It always looks good to me!

Thanks my thoughts! [wink]

I would say one of the vinyls or the lithograph. The pictures sound awesome, but there can only be one item signed, so having each member sign something different may take up too much time during the M&G. It’s super quick, but at the same time the most amazing experience of my life!

I have a question about the M&G, do the guys have their own sharpies? Or do we have to bring our own for them to use? I too may be going to the M&G for Tinley Park, I want them to sign my MTM.

Thank you for the suggestions so far. I think my heart says to go with the photos because they are more personal than any other items I have in my LP collection. Last year, I had the band sign this awesome group photo (playing on stage!) I took of them at Chicago’s Summit and I had Chester sign a photo I took of him on the MTM tour in 2008. I took a bunch of pics at Camden’s Summit and now have great photos of each one of the guys. I would hope that I could bring one item in for each of the boys to sign. I think that would be okay.

I’ve gotten all of my CD album covers signed (HT EP thru Living Things), so now I must concentrate on a new item to get signed.

As far as sharpies go, they had black and silver ones at the Camden M&G. I’m sure they have both for each M&G, but I bring them just in case. I also brought in a GOLD Sharpie for the boys to sign my Living Things album cover with. Looks awesome! There you go.

I would go with the Reanimation CD cover but that is just me. I’m more of a CD guy when it comes to these kinds of things.

Each band member has a have a set of two sharpies. One black one metallic. That is just in case someone has a black item they want to sign or a dark color where the black sharpie would be hard to read. So don’t worry about bringing the sharpies they always have them.

I was at the M&G last night in auburn hills and I was in a toss up between a CD or the limited edition poster. I ended up getting the limited edition poster signed because I figured anyone can get a CD signed by them at any point in time, but the limited edition poster is this one chance. It was a blast though! Enjoy your show!

Definitely take the unique route with the photos. It’s worthwhile and it’s something no one else will have. No matter how LE the lithograph is, it’s still going to get signed by at least one other.