M&G Mansfield, MA 8/14 Your Thoughts(And Mine)

To any one who attended the M&G in Mansfield 8/14 what did you think? Any specific word exchanges with the band that you will never forget? Or favorite moment? Was it worth it?

Well for me I was torn a little since those of us who attended had to miss Incubus’s ENTIRE set except maybe for the last song. The only reason I was a little upset about this is the fact that Incubus is going on “Indefinite Hiatus” which means they could possibly not tour for YEARS, but lets hope it’s less.

But over all the experience was AWESOME, I had butterfly’s in my stomach way bad, and had the realization that I was feeling the exact same way that a 14 year old Justin Bieber fan must feel right before meeting him.:slight_smile: (Sad for a grow man I know, but I don’t care it’s LP!!) Got to shake a few of the guys hands and got to tell Mike my favorite line of his off the new album, which is "I’m a Banksy your a BrainWash, get the picture? Also for the group pic I got front row right behind Phoenix. I also had pit tickets and was like 15 feet from the stage so ya over all one of the best days in as long as I can remember. As usual the boy’s in LP didn’t disapoint, they were just one word FLAWLESS.

To the guy from the LP fansite LPAMerican give me a friend request on here

Also to the Guy in the LPU 7.0 tshirt who was behind me in the pit whose favorite song was Waiting for the end send me a request on here

Also to the girls who I talked to me in the Meet and Greet line, one of you saw Manson at the Hampton Beach Ballroom. give me and add to.

To Everyone else please add your thoughts.

Hope I didn’t come across to negative, just so we are clear it was AWESOME!!!

I’ve seen them quite a few times (NEVER disappoint) and m&g a few times, this was BY FAR the best m&g, the not just putting the cd booklet or whatever down, sliding it across the table and that’s it thing… to actually talk to 'em for a while then that group picture at the end… yeah… one of my better days… I didn’t care about missing anyone else, I actually got there in time for the m&g and their set, and that was fine with me, it was what I wanted.

I did miss not having more LT songs… but I’ll live.

My pictures: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4444689524503.2179652.1507327377&type=3&l=e6c1066805 :slight_smile:

Working on videos now…

Though I missed Incubus and (thought) I was ready to walk out by the hour mark in our waiting time, it was 100% worth it. I stuttered so much it was ridiculous. One of my favorite moments was when I didn’t see Brad sign my poster and asked him if he did. He responded with “Of course I did!” and I stuttered to apologize and he said “I accept your apology” and smiled. It made me feel less stupid :slight_smile:

Then I was so starstruck when I met Mike that I didn’t know what to say. We wound up creating a secret handshake to make up for him not giving me a hug. Then we had to do it again to show Phoenix!

Also, getting a hug from Chester was amazing, too. Especially when, after I asked, one of the guys said “oh, Chester only gives out kisses”. I found that to be funny :slight_smile: All in all, most amazing experience of my life :smiley:

Meeting them was unbelievable. Rob was the one who I talked with for the longest, he’s such a nice guy. They all are!!

I thought it had all gone downhill though when I met Chester and just got soo nervous (It’s Chester! Of course I got nervous!) that I just started babbling about how I had been going to ask him for a hug but had decided not to because I thought it’d be too weird. But after the group photo Chester came over to me and gave me a hug (he must’ve felt bad for me) which was one of the most amazing things ever and totally made up for it :smiley: It was definitely worth missing Incubus to meet LP in my opinion, I mean, how often are we gonna get to meet the members of LP? Practically never!

Overall, there aren’t even words that would adequately describe how awesome it was :smiley:

This was only my second meet and greet, and I had a blast.

I wasn’t too bummed about missing Incubus, only because I’m seeing them tomorrow night in Camden. I managed to catch MuteMath’s entire set, though, and they really impressed me. And, I also liked how we could still listen to Incubus’ set waiting backstage, even while they were playing other music under the food tent (which still doesn’t make sense to me)

It seemed like the whole thing just had more of a happier atmosphere than the one I had last year. I managed to shake hands with all of them, with the exception of Brad. Brad and I ended up having a really nice conversation, though, about the show. As I shook Dave’s, we both thought like he had accidentally wrote on my hand, but we both double checked to make sure the cap was on the marker, which it was, and we had a good laugh about it.

My only complaint was my pictures coming out a little blurry.

My only disappointment was that most of the band didn’t talk much to the LPUers. Chester asked me “How’s it going” and Rob is always friendly and will look at you when your speaking to him. I loved that they took a group pic with us. Where can I find the pic??? I was in the pit too and it was AMAZING!!! My second time in the pit but my best one so far. Too bad I was unable to get pit tix for tomorrow.

I whole heartedly agree. They were flawless. Their energy was so tangible and was amplified by having the honor and the pleasure of meeting them before they went on :slight_smile: (and really great seats behind the pit ).

This was my boys first concert. What an example of professionalism, talent and fan appreciation they were exposed to! [biggrin]

We are super fans and it made my older one’s night (14 years old) when Mike (besides his talent they think he’s cool because he’s part Japanese like they are) signed his Yankee’s cap (yeah we have nerve in MA with a NY hat) and joked with him calling them Stankees drawing a no symbol over it before signing it, then Phoenix jumping in on it by drawing the Dodgers “LA” next to it.

When Brad said, " Hey how’s it going?" to my younger one, (11 years old) I could see him finally breathe as he replied 'It’s good" and that made all the difference.

Mike was sweet to me too, seeing I was just as excited as they were as I squeaked “Yaaay” as he signed my shirt he smiled and added stars around it after he heard me lol [lol]

The playlist was fantastic and for every song that came on not only did my older one and I look at each other and cheered, we sang every word and every line. He didn’t mind that his Mama was shaking it and smiling like a teenager. [heart][heart][heart]

My younger one said it the best, " it was the best day ever!!"[cool]

Was a great M&G and an incredible show, all the guys were super nice and it was well worth missing Incubus for me…

Just curious, has anyone been able to successfully download the audio from this show? I know people have said you have to give it some time because it might not be available yet, but I get zero feedback about it. Nothing happens at all when I click on the link they emailed me. Curious if it’s just me or if it just isn’t ready yet.